The Association of College and University Biology Educators focuses on professional development for college and university biology teachers.

ACUBE's members are a group of post-secondary educators dedicated to excellence in teaching biology. We work at relatively small four year colleges and universities, community colleges, technical schools, or large research institutions. We are the kind of faculty who know our students names and try to teach them how to think, not what to think.

Our members include junior faculty as well as faculty nearing retirement. We are part time faculty, full time faculty, tenured or tenure track faculty, graduate students, post-docs, support staff, and administrators. Although we may have a specific job title, most of us have multitudinous responsibilities and passions. Besides teaching, we have active research labs, do advising, be department chairs, and provide community outreach.

The mission of ACUBE is to provide professional development in the realm of teaching, research, advising, and scholarship. We achieve this through our peer-reviewed publication Bioscene, and our Annual Meeting. Overall, members of ACUBE find each other to be one of the most valuable academic assets they have. Members of ACUBE share ideas and address the unique challenges of balancing teaching, research, advising, administration, and service.

We are a supporting and mentoring community that provides professional development opportunities to:

- develop and recognize excellence in teaching;
- incubate new and innovative teaching ideas;
- involve student research in the biology curriculum;
- advise and mentor students in and out of the classroom;
- serve as informal mentors for new faculty
- enhance scholarship through our international, peer-reviewed journal Bioscene.